We offer a full range of complete gunsmithing services from simple repairs to complete restorations. We can enhance or customize your firearms to make them a true extension of who you are. Colorado GunWorks is your one stop shop for all your gunsmithing needs.
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General Gunsmithing
Inspection & Cleaning
Ever had to end a day at the range or a day hunting because of a firearm malfunction? Bring your firearms into us for a complete cleaning and inspection before your next match or day in the field. It's cheap insurance against a day of aggravation. In a complete cleaning and inspection your firearms is completely disassembled and all parts and sub groups are detailed/cleaned and inspected for any signs of wear and need for adjustment. Your firearm is then reassembled, lubed, and bench tested to insure safe and correct functionality.
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Sight Work
We can change your current sights, or adjust the ones you have. We use current authorized methods for installing all types of sights. We use laser sight alignment to help ensure first time alignment. We are and authorized installer for IWI / PT / MMC / Hi-Viz sights and night sights. If your firearm is not hitting where you want it to, come and see us.
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We are a complete handgun gunsmithing shop. We work on all types of pistols and revolvers. Let us help you get the maximum potential out of your handguns. From simple changes to enhance your comfort to complete all out race guns for competition we are the shop for you.
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We are the only shop in Northern Colorado that does complete shotgun fitting. We just don't help you pick out a shotgun that fits, we can take that shotgun you you already have and fit it to you. A proper fit in a shotgun is nearly everything in being able to hit where you want. We offer the following: shotgun fitting - rechoking - back boring - lengthening forcing cones - recoil reduction - barrel work - machining for screw in chokes - stock work - camo finishes - mercury recoil systems - porting and many more.
We offer complete rifle gunsmithing services including accruizing, rebarreling, trigger tuning, bedding, stocking, and recoil reduction. From repairing the plinker you had as a kid, to an all out Long Range Percision Marksman Rifle, we can get you there
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Warranty work:
We are also a warranty service center for several manufacturers and a factory recommended repair center for many companies "obsolete firearms". Contact us with your needs, we'll be happy to help.

If you have any questions about the gunsmithing services we offer or a gunsmithing request please fill out the form below with your question and the way you would like to be contacted and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.

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